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Skin Care Routine For Upcoming Summer

No More Heat Wave Can Impact Your Skin This Summers

Residing in a metro city like Noida greets your skin with pollution and harmful UV rays. If you are doubted with your skin type and care routine, why not visit the best Dermatologist in Noida. That’s precise to keep your skin healthy this summer with expert-recommended tips.

Summers are knocking on your door, with moods to enjoy beaches and blazing sun. Wait! Be careful before you go out on sunny days, as it can adversely affect your skin. That’s very precise that our skin acts differently in winters and summers; therefore, it needs care every season.

The pollution and heatwaves simultaneously affect skin badly, causing rashes, acne, itching, and sunburns. Why not change the game of skincare routine this summer. Let’s try out some hacks to rejuvenate your skin.

How Summers Affect Skin?

Who doesn’t love bright sunny days after fogged winters? However, the heat, UV rays, pollution impact your skin. If you are trying hard to make your skin feel hydrated, glowing, and fresh, just start it from the beginning, throughout summers.

During summers, the sebaceous gland becomes more active and thus lets skin looks more oily and sticky. More sweating on the skin even increase the germination of bacterias on the face. Moreover, the harmful UV rays also affect the skin with irregular pigmentation, acne, sunburns, tanning, skin cancer, and more.

It makes the skin feel more dry, patchy, and flaky, causing more skin-related problems like eczema. The risk of clogging skin pores more with dirt and oil causes pimples, redness, and even blemishes. Sometimes it's best to see a dermatologist for pigmentation treatment in Noida.

The Wonderful Skincare Hacks You Can Follow This Scorching Summers:

Following healthy eating habits, exercise regime, and sound sleep are somewhat equally important with skincare tips. The excessive heat and humidity make skin dull, pigmentated, and tan. Some easy-peasy skincare hacks are below.

1. Double Cleanse Face: Summer let your skin look more oily and sweaty; thus, the regular face wash is the ideal tip. Deep cleanse to remove oil and dirt from clogged skin pores is possible with face wash. Pick the face cleaning product like facewash and natural cleanser according to your skin type. Good is to choose for mild, non-alcohol, paraben, and sulfate-free, helping your skin with a balanced pH level.

2. Follow Good Skincare Routine: Adopt a natural and healthy skincare routine for summers appropriate for your skin. Choose products for healthy skincare that are lighter, non-greasy or sticky, etc. Invest in skincare and beauty care essentials that keep skin moisturized, clean, hydrated, and fresh.

3. Add Anti-oxidants In Skincare Regime: Don’t miss to add anti-oxidants and vitamin C rich serums to keep your skin hydrated and rejuvenated. This will protect your skin from adverse environmental and pollution damage. The issues of free radicals, itching, pigmentation, etc., can be reduced as anti-oxidants improve collagen. Use good anti-oxidant serum in summer skincare regime even can add healthy diet.

4. Keep Skin Hydrated: Skincare regime is incomplete if you don’t keep your skin hydrated. Use hydrating face mask or sheets. Sleeping masks are also popular these days to give your skin extra hydration and repair at night. Good is to carry water, face wash, or facial mist in travel, to splash on skin whenever feeling dry.

5. Healthy Skin Exfoliation: Frequently doesn’t mean regularly. The best is to give your face a natural and deep cleaning scrubbing and skincare regime. Take your skin suitable face scrub, and do it two times a week to remove excess dirt and oil. It will make your skin feel fresh, rejuvenated thus preventing pigmentation, patches, and premature ageing.

6. Say Yes To Sunscreen: Don’t forget to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV-A and UV-B sun rays. Purchase good sunscreen with SPF 30-50 meant for all skin types. Using sunscreen is not suggested to be worn whenever outdoor, but also good no matter you stay indoors. Summers attract a vacation mood, so if you are going to the beach, waterpark, or swimming, apply sunscreen before to avoid tanning and hyperpigmentation.

7. Natural and Light Makeup: Heavy makeup in summers can clog your skin pores, negatively impacting your skin. Clogged skin pores with makeup, dirt, and oil can lower breathability and increase itching. Thus ideal is to stay natural, and if had to use makeup, sure it should be light. Instead of a heavy foundation with layers of products, use tinted moisturizer light makeup products.

8. Use Skin Protected Moisturizer: Just like SPF sunscreen, moisturizer is also suggested to be used in summers. Pick the one meant for summers, with the non-oily or non-greasy formula for your skin type. It should be rich in vitamin A and C and inherited with antioxidants. SPF moisturizer is good to be used after bath to keep skin soft and well hydrated.

9. Care Your Eyes, Lips, And Feet: Skincare doesn’t define only the face, but you also need to protect eyes, lips, feet, and hands. Use SPF-based sunscreen or moisturizer on the body to keep the skin of the face, feet, and hands hydrated. If travelling, use light makeup and SPF formula-based lipsticks, eye gel, lip balm, etc. Wear makeup that is lighter for skin in summers. Use sunglasses, hat, scarf in summers.

The Other Summer Skincare Routine Habits To Know:

1. Eat Healthily, like juices, buttermilk, yogurt, soups, nimbu pani, etc. Follow healthy eating habits with seasonal fruits and vegetables like watermelons, lettuce, cucumber, musk melons, etc.

2. Keep your body hydrated with more fluids intake and water to improve detoxification of toxins out and let pH balance.

3. Goodbye to all sugary drinks and unhealthy food, making you more obese.

4. Wear Breathable and Comfortable Fabrics: Good is to wear breathable and natural fabrics like cotton. Choose lighter colours and loose clothing to let the skin feel comfortable and avoid sweating. Avoid wearing synthetic and heavily fabricated clothing, as it can discomfort you with skin itchiness and allergies.

5. Don’t skip bathing at least a time. If can then go with twice a day bathing habit in summers to avoid skin allergies, sweating, and skin clogging issues. A shower at night can even help you in better sleep and mood.

6. To keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated, follow a good exercise/workout regime. It will help you to flush out body toxins and detoxify impurities. 7. Sound sleep is what makes your skin healthy. It helps in repairing and replenishing damaged skin tissues.

The Bottom Line:

That’s true that skin in summers needs extra care, as it brings pigmentation, dryness, and tanning issues. To deal with all summer skin-related issues, adopt a healthy skincare routine. Discover your beauty with the search with the Best Skin Specialist in Noida and lock your skin health forever.

We hope the tips mentioned above will help you relish your skin to be well hydrated, maintained, and glowy in the summers. Visit the expert dermatologist for Acne Treatment in Noida and let your skin feel healthy.


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