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General Dermatology


Who doesn't want clear skin and beautiful hair. But with our busy routines we tend to neglect the largest organ of the body. Instead of taking unsolicited advice for your skin or hair problems, turn to the expert, Dr. DASH. She has years of experience in treating chronic skin, hair and nail conditions. She emphasizes on wholistic treatment and also provides post treatment skin and hair homecare maintaince regimen.



Acne/pimples can be stubborn and relapsing. Ranging from blackheads or whiteheads, they can turn into pustules/cysts/or nodules. If not treated timely they can lead to acne scars and marks. Treatments are designed based on your age, skin type, distribution of acne (face / trunk ) and underlying hormonal issues. DASH Dermatology also has one of the best lasers in delhi/ncr for acne scars.


Hairfall , hair thinning, male/female baldness , alopecia areata or scarring alopecia are some of the common hairloss conditions. Dr. DASH has treated many patients and reversed their hailoss by effective medical therapy, PRP (platelet rich plasma therapy), mesotherapy and low light laser therapy. She also customises and designs useful home care solutions for hair care.


Pigmentation problems can range from melasma, freckles, sun spots, sun tan, acanthosis nigricans, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or lichen planus pigmentatosus. They may all look like brown or dark spots / patches, and requires expert examination to differentiate. Combining medical therapy with chemical peels , lasers and proper skincare regimen helps to fade hyperpigmentation.


Skin allergies can be frustrating and irritating. The red bumps, sudden itching, and inflammation are what allergies are associated with. It can be due to a varierty of common allergens like pollens, dust, food, medicines, heat, sweat or sun. Dr. DASH helps you identify the probable cause and recommends a comprehensive treatment plan for fast and lasting relief.


Psoriasis is a skin inflammatory disease which causes red itchy & scaly patches on the skin. It can happen to anyone at any age. It occurs when the cells on the surface of our skin start to form rapidly. It is this extra skin cells which lead to the formation of red patches on the skin. It can not only affect skin but also joints. It can be controlled by effective medical treatment, phototherapy, excimer laser and lifestyle changes.


Vitiligo or 'white spot disease' is an auto immune disease where the immune system starts attacking the melanocytes in the body which are responsible for the skin colour we have. Once the melanocytes are completely destroyed the skin starts to lose its colour and white patches are formed. It requires not just medication but also effective counseling for lifestyle management. Dr Dash is well known for medical management of Vitiligo and also has papers published on the same.

Contact Dr. Dash

A-100 , Sector 61 , Noida , UP

+91 120 475 31 31

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